ICHR welcomes you to its digital repository. It is a unique in its collection. ICHR gives grants for scientific research in history. The collection contains Doctoral Research theses, Comprehensive Research Reports on various themes of Research Projects, Seminar Proceedings funded by ICHR. Further, the digital copies of individual research articles published in our Research Journal i.e. Indian Historical Research (from 1974-2008) and articles from the Hindi Journal Itihas-Shodh Patrika.


· Enhance visibility of the output of various Grants awarded by the ICHR

· Provide a global platform for the Council research and improved its visibility

· Facilities improved research collaboration and information flow

· Preserves and provides log-term access to the scholars research output a;

· Lower access barriers and offers the widest possible dissemination of an individual scholars' work.

For details: Contact at dd.doc@ichr.ac.in, In case you wish to pose your comments/query about this repository